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Corporate governance is a commitment backed by the fundamental belief of maximizing shareholders value, transparency in functioning, values and mutual trust amongst all constituents of an organization. It is based on the principles of transparency, accountability, integrity, equity, fairness and commitment to the stakeholders. 

The Company believes that sound corporate governance is critical to enhance and retain investor trust. Accordingly, the Company always seeks to ensure that it attains its performances, rules with integrity. Your Company also endeavors to enhance long-term shareholder value.

The Company, in its commitment to practice sound governance principles, is guided by the following core principles: 

  • To maintain the highest standards of transparency in all aspects.
  • To ensure timely dissemination of all price sensitive information and matters of interest to our stakeholders.
  • To demonstrate the highest levels of personal accountability and to ensure that employees consistently pursue excellence in everything they do.
  • To comply with all the laws and regulations as applicable to the Company.
  • To conduct the affairs of the Company in an ethical manner.
  • To promote the interest of all stakeholders including of customers, shareholders, employees, lenders, vendors, government and the community at large.